TM4B Bulk SMS Gateway

Inbound Number Support

To receive SMS from mobile users in Finland, you can use our Finnish virtual mobile numbers.

You can lease a dedicated Finnish virtual number or, through keywords, use our shared virtual mobile number +358 (0)45 7396 0821.

Please note that our Finnish virtual numbers are intended to receive SMS from mobile users in Finland. There is a high chance that they will not receive verification SMS or SMS sent from other countries.

Receiving Options

At a basic level, all of the SMS that you receive will be delivered to your SMS Inbox and can be forwarded to you by email. For more advanced handling, we can forward your SMS to your server through a webhook.


As a sports event services company, we often need to send large numbers of time-dependent SMS and it's important that these messages are sent in a timely and reliable fashion.

Our business relies on the ability to deliver what we say we will, when we say we will and this is, in part, made possible by TM4B.

We've tried other providers and using TM4B has been an excellent experience. TM4B offers us the ability to simply and reliably service our customers needs.

Tom Last Technical Director, Race Ahead